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    Who are we?


    Parc Aventures Cap Jaseux is a combination of a specialized private adventure and a tourism business which is headed by a cooperative organization. The end result shows the strength and expertise of each organization put together to ensure a high quality touristic experience.

    Cap Jaseux was founded in 2001, a Solidarity Coop which grouped together 3 types of members: employee members, user members (clients and producers) and support members. The producer and main partners of the site are AACJ Inc. (Aerial Ropes Course), Parcours Aventures (Sea kayaking, Sailing, Via Ferrata) and Super Sagamie (Restauration)

    Since 2002, Parc Aventures Cap Jaseux is unique in its ability to innovate with its Land-Sea-Sky-River experiences, as well as its indispensable Aerial Ropes Course, vast array of outdoor and ecotourism activities: Kayak excursions, sailing, hiking, river rafting and now « Via ferrata, » (Italian for ”Iron Way”, it is a climbing route with permanently fixed cables for protection and metal ladder rungs to ease your movement over rock.), overlooking the Saguenay! The adventure experience extends to Tree Houses, 8 meters above the ground, a unique commercial concept and a first in North America; Everything to fulfill every grown up’s childood dreams.

    With it’s wide range of activities, the luxurious fullness of the surrounding nature, it’s unusual accommodations and basic services, Parc Aventures Cap Jaseux became a renowned destination in adventure tourism and ecotourism.

    It’s need to innovate and to remain original, as done with the Extreme High Ropes Course or the different lodging experiences, makes for a completely unique site.