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Sustainable development

In accordance with our mission statement, Parc Aventures Cap Jaseux is committed to using all the means at its disposal in order to respect the principles of sustainable development.  This commitment is made with the interests and values of the park’s stakeholders and visitors being considered. Every effort is being made to make the organization sustainable and is being applied throughout all the various operations and activities.

Objectives of our sustainable development:

Aware of the importance of economic, social and environmental issues, as well as that of providing an enriching work environment for its team, Parc Aventures Cap Jaseux adopts this policy in the framework of its planning and during its daily practices. Every user and employee therefore has the responsibility to ensure its application.

 Incorporating our sustainable development model:

  • Maintain the principles of sustainable development in accordance with its mission, vision and values
  • Communicate strategic goals as well as seasonal goals to all employees
  • Regularly update strategic objectives
  • Regularly interact with stakeholders and members of the co-operatives (employees, clients, suppliers, donors)Take concrete and concerted actions to support the protection and improvement of its environment.

Reducing our environmental impact:

  • Optimize the management of energy consumption
  • Manage residual materials according to the 4Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle, respect)
  • Optimize the management of water consumption

Protect preserve and promoteP

  • Raise the awareness of its customers in regards to environmental protection by setting up interpretation panels
  • Preserve the biodiversity and quality of the Park’s ecosystem

Offering customers the opportunity to live a unique experience:

  • Promote the site and its history by providing a fully immersive experience in nature
  • Use its range of accommodations and activities to raise environmental awareness and communicate the benefits of physical exercise

Promoting the allure of the area while reducing environmental impact:

  • Put in place responsible procurement practices by promoting the purchase of goods and services from companies which follow a sustainable development policy
  • Raise the awareness of stakeholders about the benefits of a sustainable development approach

Ensuring the health and well-being of employees:

  • Reduce the risk of work related injuries
  • Provide vocational and professional development before and during the season of employment.
  • Facilitate access to training

In the interest of continued improvement, we invite you to share any ideas or comments that could help us in the implementation of our sustainable development policy by writing to us at the following address: [email protected] .